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Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals

Gowning for Sterile Manufacturing

About the Course

Due to the high risk of contamination in finished sterilized pharmaceuticals or medical devices, anyone involved in the production of these products must have a basic knowledge of sanitization and sterilization, the microbiological principles involved, and the importance of proper gowning and working in cleanrooms. This eLearning course covers the requirements of the European Union (EU) and FDA. Topics in this course include Regulations, Contaminants, and Gowning Procedures. After completing this online training course, you will be able to identify the sources and types of contamination in a manufacturing environment, recognize the importance of health issues and personal hygiene, and identify the staged entry and use of cleanrooms. You will also be able to recognize important practices and procedures for proper gowning. Before taking this online learning course, make sure you have completed Principles of Aseptic Processing and Principles of Sterilization.